Name: Angel Clem (The "Angel" part is just a title. Call him Clem!)

Age: God knows how old he is.

Species: Angel

Occupation: Guardian angel of Humdrum Town, Part-time job at a record store.

Location: Humdrum Town

Clem is a little angel who was sent down to protect Earth. But really, he's just supposed to protect this one town. He's very optimistic and kind, the locals like him a lot. He's what you may call "a little guy". If he's not saving the town or working part-time, he's either eating fruit or sleeping. His favorite fruits are clementines, he named himself after them! He also likes to play on the kazoo.

As an angel, Clem has many abilities. These include: not dying, flight, glow-in-the-dark halo, and a bow and arrow made of holy light. Clem flies around a lot, so his legs are actually pretty weak.


Jam: Clem's rival. Actually Clem considers it pretty one sided - he doesn't care about fighting her, he just doesn't like it when she stirs up trouble. Jam is always bullying him, but Clem is never hurt, only confused.