Name: Cryl

Pronouns: He/him

Age: 19 years

Species: ???

Occupation: Member of the Whatever You Want Agency

Last known location: Knock-out City

Cryl is known as a mysterious being in the city of Knockout, only being seen at night and leaving behind colorul graffiti in his wake. He tries to put up a dark and brooding persona, but really, it's all just an act. In reality, he is very hot-headed and reckless, even coming off as a jerk most of the time. Don't worry though! That doesn't mean he hates you!...Probably. He really does care about his friends, but has a strange way of showing it. Cryl absolutely loves art. To him it's the closest thing to his life's purpose. His brush not only serves as his weapon, but also as his only art tool. It can transform into multiple tools, such as a spray can, pencil, and even an eraser! He currently lives in an abandonded art warehouse by the city.

Not much is known about Cryl's past, not even to himself. The only things he knows are his brush and a notebook that is very dear to him. It's not that he doesn't remember anything, it's just that there was nothing. When asked about this, he said that one day there was nothing and the next, he was alive. (After this, he made rude gestures at the interviewers before running off). After years of being a lone traveller, he has recently started working at the Whatever You Want Agency, a group as mysterious as him.

As stated before, he's very aloof and cocky. This surprisingly results in him having a lot of negative relationships with people. When it comes to his co-worker, Leit, it's almost no different. They rarely get along as they're always bickering with each other. Cryl finds him a fun target to tease but in reality, he considers him his best friend. Leit is one of the only people Cryl opens up to.