Name: Devil Jam (The "Devil" part is just a title. She demands that people refer to her as Queen.)

Age: Who the Hell knows?

Species: Demon

Occupation: Unemployed

Location: Humdrum Town (most of the time)

Jam is an impish little demon with big ambitions: She wants to defeat all of the angels to become Queen of Hell! She's mean, but she's a hardworker who'd rather die than give up. She's defeated many angels so far, but for some reason cannot defeat Clem. Because of this, Jam is usually trying to attack Humdrum town in order to finally bring Clem down. She also likes to DJ in her free time, under the name "DJ Toaster".

Jam has a couple of cool demon powers. She can't fly high with her wings, but she can glide. She can withstand and even enjoys extremely hot temperatures. Jam also wields a katana she forged herself (she only followed a tutorial. she doesn't know how to do it again).

When Jam first came to Earth, she ended up in Japan and somehow accidently enrolled herself into school there. She was actually a really good student and made lots of friends, but then she remembered her goal and dropped out before she could graduate. She then went to Argentina in order to find some allies and picked up an Argentinian bull frog. Its name is Rania, and it is 8 feet tall thanks to how well Jam took care of it.


Clem: Jam's rival. Jam thinks he's a dumb nerd, but has no clue how to defeat him. Vows to defeat him. Likes to pull pranks on him outside of fighting.

Rania: Jam's pet frog. Jam is very proud of how it grew up and considers it her mightiest soldier.