Names: Rod and Osha

Age: 14 (Rod), uhhh idk young?(Osha)

Species: Human and Oshawott, respectively.

Location: Kanto region.

Rod is a Pokemon trainer from Pallet town. He's reckless and simple-minded, but has good intentions. Doesn't usually get surprised by things. He was literally born with a thick skull and bones, so most injuries don't phase him too much. He has a bad habit of not realizing or understanding other people's limits. Rod absolutely loves Pokemon and is very excited to have started his Pokemon adventure recently. His father is a construction worker in Unova who gifted him Osha one day when visiting home. Rod immediately went off with Osha to start his Pokemon journey.

Osha is a normal Oshawott from Unova. For some odd reason though, she has a horn growing from her forehead. She is very competitive and loves a good fight. She does find her trainer and his friend very strange and tends to worry a lot because of them. Osha can also be naive at times.

Despite the differences between the two, they are both glad to be partners and try their best to understand and get along with each other.

Rod's team consists of Osha (Oshawott), Psyche (Psyduck), Ratan (Rattata), Man (Mankey), Po (Poliwhirl), and Charles-Augustin (Electrode). Rod admits he's not very good with names.


Greed: Rod's childhood friend and rival. The two are best friends and do almost everything together. Rod usually follows her lead. Osha thinks she's shameless with her greed, but supposes it's fine as long as she's not hurting anyone.

Goldie: Greed's Cyndaquil. Rod doesn't have that strong of an opinion on him, but thinks he's pretty strong. Osha likes talking to Goldie a lot. She thinks he's pretty normal, but is for some reason always surprised whenever he gets up to trouble.