"merry yaoimas and a happy new yuri"

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Rated Web 14hi!!! welcome to my site! this is where i put all my thoughts and stuff here! you can find ramblings, drawings, and even games on this site! BE CAREFUL! this site may include flashing images. feel free to look around and dont forget to sign the guestbook if you have the chance! also please be nice to edwurt :D btw, just to be safe: please do not copy the code on this site. if u want a nice layout, diy or find f2u templates online.

  • 12-28-2022: reverted to original site theme, with some new changes being added.
  • 12-8-2022: click the tree for a gift!
  • 11-29-2022: winter update for site, as well as new art in the art page!

This website was created on July 8th of 2022. Let the good times roll forever.