Rainy X Shiny Days

oh i can assure you, its quite based.

A welcome image for the website. It shows a dark skinned girl with short white hair standing in a flower field. She has black horns and two pairs of devil wings on her head and back. Her tail is curving around the frame of the image. The girl is smiling directly at the camera and is holding a bouquet of flowers. She is wearing a flower crown on her head and a white button up. Behind her in the distance is a boy with light skin and long brown hair. He is wearing a white dress and pink flowers in his hair. He has a halo and two pairs of angel wings on his head and back. The boy has a cartoonish drop of snot hanging from his face with an annoyed expression and disgruntled speech bubble over his head. There is text on the image that says 'Welcome...to MY ROOM!'.


welcome to my site! this is where i put all my thoughts and stuff here! you can find ramblings, drawings, and even games on this site! BE CAREFUL! this site may include flashing images. dont forget to sign the guestbook if you have the chance and have fun!

NOTICE: please do not copy the code on this site and ESPECIALLY do not claim it as your own. if you want a nice layout, diy or find f2u templates online.

What do I do now?

you're asking ME!? look around! the navigation bar should help you, but do whatever you'd like. its your life, afterall. just make sure to say hi to this dude.


oh boy i havent changed the poll in forever...anyways whats your favorite file type?
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Update Log:

  • 7-12-2024: added japanese translation for 123 Rock!
  • 5-7-2024: changed guestbook host, due to 123 guestbook shutting down soon. fixed small layout issue on projects page.
  • 4-19-2024: updated welcome image on front page. added 123 Rock! and Splatoonz 4 Splateenz to the projects page.
  • 1-23-2024: added a page for my collection :D
  • 12-30-2023: final update of 2023! a complete redesign to the site + new pages and art! see you all next year! :D
  • 6-4-2023: home page has been updated + about page updated + art page edited and new art!
  • 4-3-2023: changing some stuff around, added status cafe widget in blog
  • 2-26-2023: updated title screen + completed new about page
  • 2-9-2023: index was replaced with title screen!
  • Full update log here.