Really Awesome Art Gallery

hey!!! remember when i said i draw? well that was true!!! why would i lie about that? here is where you can find some really nice doodles, as well as the occasional masterpiece! some of these may have different watermarks on them; that's because some of these were taken from my social medias. feel free to use these anywhere as long as you credit me and do not use it for commercial purposes.

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July 2nd, 2024

Rod and Greed dressed like scene kids. Their starters are here too! XP

June 24th, 2024

My design of a humanoid NES robot. The drawing is based off of a 1987 Nintendo magazine ad. ROB is here too.

June 21st, 2024

rhythm heaven x megaman leaked game!???

June 9th, 2024

its pride month you know what that means. time to post "its pride month" parodies. original by flashcs5 on tumblr

May 21st, 2024

MC Adore and the Love Posse!

April 6th, 2024

My two Splatoon OCs, Kidd and Iika, walking home after hanging out.

Feburary 8th, 2024

Reimu Hakurei in the classic Mega Man art style, and Rock in Touhou 6's art style. Reimu was really fun to draw in the classic mm style, but ZUN's earlier artstyle was a bit tricky to mimic!

July 23rd, 2023

The secret of Student Rocker's eyes....I know this one is out of order, but I didn't want to mess up the order of the gallery.

December 26th, 2023

A gif I made of the Rockers doing the caramelldansen.

???, 2023

I actually don't remember when I made this...what's Cosmic Girl so angry about? Based off of some sprite of Barry from Pokemon.

November 17th, 2023

Art of Hilbert and Hilda, Pokemon BW protags, in the Gen 1 artstyle.

October 2nd, 2023

Made for day 2 of Rhythm Week on Tumblr. The prompt was "tengoku exclusive".

October 1st, 2023

Made for day 1 of Rhythm Week on Tumblr. The prompt was "favorite game". I think me and a lot of others misunderstood what that meant though... ^ ^;

September 14, 2023

art in celebration of the side order trailer shown at the 9/14/2023 nintendo direct.

August 2, 2023

wallpaper of neo agent 3 based off of the victory screen for big man's boss fight, despite the title.

July 21, 2023

clay models of cosmic girl from rhythm tengoku, cryl from my own original universe, and kirby from the kirby games.

June 17 2023

a drawing of kasane teto and don-chan made for an utau cover of angel dream from taiko no tatsujin.

May 5 2023

dj yellow, his student, and jj rocker's student speculate on jj's hair routine.

May 2 2023

the rockers dressed as my favorite agents from splatoon, 4 and 8.

March 11 2023

jj rocker cooking food in the microwave.

March 8 2023

my starter pokemon in pokemon black, wottson! love him dearly

Febuary 23 2023

these guys

January 23 2023

decided to experiment with the artstyle here. two versions because i couldnt decide which was better!

January 3 2023

first art of the year! lucas and boney from mother 3.

November 29 2022

a redraw of a sa2 official art, featuring two of the characters featured on splatoon 3's promotional art.

November 25 2022

the protagonists of nichijou as the protagonists of earthbound and vice versa.

November 7 2022

jj rocker and his student as an octoling and inkling respectively.

credit to frozenpandaman on twitter for the inkling font.

November 3 2022

a drawing of the cast of rhythm heaven RPG, based off of the

final shot in the ending theme for gensoumaden saiyuki.

October 11 2022

more anthro rh character designs! might wanna open image for better quality (ft. octoling luka megurine)

September 30 2022

pop singer in a new outfit! what's the occasion?

September 29 2022

some new ocs. wanderers of a familiar planet.

September 16 2022

based off of earthbound's cover art.

August 29 2022

an important discussion.

September 20 2022

my human designs for the frogettes (just two of them though), doing the caramelldansen! i've always wanted to do this! >:D (credit to moonshine-pixels on deviantart for the base!)

September 15 2022

various rhythm heaven characters in different hairstyles! this was really fun to do! i bet a lot of them look very different though lmao

June 22 2022

rhythm suits! i wanted to draw clothing folds with this one. sorry for the false advertising, but most of the suits here are covered.

August 29 2022

a short little comic about the rockers. it'll become pretty obvious how much i like these two.

March 9 2022

some fanart of warioware i made a while back. i dont remember which game made me want to draw this, it might've been gold. i'm still surprised nobody has noticed spitz and dribble yet!

August 29 2021

i drew my oc cryl in the iconic sonic adventure pose! cryl himself was inspired by sonic the hedgehog, so it felt fitting to draw him in the style.

July 24 2022


July 11 2022

doodles of a few rhythm heaven characters.

June 21 2022

an unfinished piece of fanart for earthbound. i wanted to make it look like a scrap book. i REALLY wish i had the motivation to finish this one T_T

July 30 2022

a redraw of the ace attorney trilogy cover art done in the rhythm heaven fever style.

June 14 2022

i made this one on the last day of my 2022 school year!

July 29 2022

the player cheerreader from the titular minigame "cheerreaders" in rhythm heaven fever.

June 19 2022


May 23 2022

you should play apollo justice...NOW!!!

May 23 2022


May 20 2022

pop singer and student rocker from rhythm heaven cosplaying the kagamines!

October 19 2021

made in the days leading up to the mp100 season 3 announcment

September 1 2022

FUCK YOU *turns your faves into furries*

August 1 2022

a few short comics about things that go on around rhythm heaven.

August 15 2021

a gif i made in flipnote 3d!!!