Entry Number 17

W.D. Gaster

Credit to demirramon.com for the text box

In 2015, an indie rpg called Undertale was released. it was created by Toby Fox. The game garnered many loving fans. However, this shrine is not dedicated to the game itself (though it does hold a very special place in my heart), but rather the mystery man that lies within.

when undertale first came out, i was obsessed with it. so upon finding out that there was a hidden character in the files, i just HAD to learn more. i would re-read the wiki page for gaster over and over to try and piece together what he was (hey i was kid, i didnt have much sources available back then). my favorite character then and now are chara and gaster, but if you told me to pick one, gaster would be my number one pick (no hard feelings chara ^.^;). the whole appeal of him to me was his entire existence. it was unknown. it was strange. i've always had an interest in the strange, the more mysterious the better. this was a character whos whole existence could only be discovered by a ridiculously small chance! yet his story is peppered throughout the main one. who know how big of an impact he could have on the events of undertale? and now that deltarune seems to be focusing on the mystery man as a HUGE character, i am more excited than ever.

we're getting into spoiler territory now so be warned!

Almost every reference to gaster in undertale can be via "FUN Value". its basically random numbers generated that make events happen. some of them can be fairly normal, like sans calling to ask if your refridgerator is running. however, some of them can have these gray figures appear in certain areas, like hotland. when in these rooms, your cellphone wont work. phones seem to be very important in relation to gaster. when you interact with these gaster followers, they will tell you about a man named wd gaster, the former royal scientist before alphys. he apparently created the core, which powers the underground. however, he unfortunately fell into his own creation, leading to him becoming "shattered across time and space". despite this information, none of the existing characters seems to acknowledge his existance! even sans, who has an attack called "gaster blasters", never mentions him. its like he was never there...another gaster follower can be found in waterfall. it looks like monster kid, except with a monochrome pallet. they will ask you if you've ever thought of a world were everything was the same except you dont exist. could that be what happened to wd gaster??

phones. a huge importance in the case of dr. gaster. i remember when i first played undertale, i actually got the wrong number song event! its an event where someone accidently calls you, looking for someone whos name starts with g. then they sing a silly little song. the least ominous gaster-related fun event. anyways, back to uhh more important stuff i think. deltarune actually has given us more info on gaster, even if he hasnt been mentioned by name. literally in the beginning of chapter 1, we're greeted by a mysterious voice with music that very clearly has gasters theme in it (here's a link to gasters theme too because i love it). what does this mean? is he the man who pulls the strings around here? there's another character who relates to gaster that we do see in-game, as long as you know where to find him. jevil, a secret boss who can be found in a cell in the castle. he seems to have gone insane after he met a "strange someone" according to seam. jevil views the world as merely a game, and sees himself as free. to be honest uh, i actually never found jevil in chapter 1 and only found out about his existance a few days after finishing it lol. im just reading this off the wiki. anyways, in chapter 2, we have.....that man...

spamton g spamton....he is a strange little man who can be found in a dumpster in cyber city. his first appearance is not optional, as he is a miniboss who wants to make a deal with you (kris, that is. i should have specified that). spamton seems to have met this "strange someone" that jevil has also met. according to the addisons, he would talk to someone on the phone, but when they picked it up, it was nothing but static. interesting...it seems like dr gaster really likes messing with funny dudes.

dont forget about the official undertale twitter account "hijacking", in which someone who speaks very similarly to wd gaster speaks directly to us, the fans. hello doctor! it really does seem like gaster is scattered through out time and space, considering how deltarune is more like an alternative universe to undertale. i am really excited for the next chapters of deltarune. i wonder if the fans will figure out the truth about dr gaster before toby reveals it? haha! the myster behind this mystery man is very interesting and fun, and im grateful to toby for adding him. thank you for checking out this shrine and remember: beware of the man who speaks in hands!