My Collection!

Welcome! This page is for my collection! "Of what?" you may ask? Uhh well basically physical fan works. Specifically albums and books. I've been interested in these for a while, and I recently got my hands on some! It's not a serious collection where I'd drop a million dollars just for one remix album, but if the opportunity arises and there's no harm in getting it, then I'll see if I can get it. My collection is pretty small right now, and I have no intention of parting with anything currently, but if you REALLY REALLY want to trade stuff, then feel free to email me at rhythmremixed@gmail.com and we'll see what we can do ^-^

Title: 烏賊 -IKA- (it's just squid written in two different ways.)


Release year: 2017

Website: www.sound-holic.com

This is a Touhou doujin album that remixes various Touhou songs in the style of Splatoon songs! This is what started my collection and I think it's really cool! I really like Kaguyattack!, Friend Piece and Full Throttle Priest. Also I think Reimu's hair being a reference to Callie's hair is so cute! <3


Author: Mikeya Umidukiyobumi

Release year: 2007

Website: www6.plala.or.jp/umidukiyobumi (Wayback Machine archive)

WHITEBERRY is a doujin manga made by Umidukiyobumi. I got this one quite recently. It features two, maybe three short stories. First one is about the chosen four arguing about what to buy after selling a diamond, second one is about Ness and Paula and their feelings for each other, and the last few pages is a discussion between Jeff and Pu about Jeff and Tony. Sorry Tony fans, but despite being the topic of conversation, he doesn't actually appear in this. Again, sorry! Ninten and Ana briefly appear here. I think is one is super cute!