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1-11-2024: welcome new year!

currently listening to: ROCKMAN HOLIC Album by SOUND HOLIC

omg...i havent posted in so long here....anyways HI!!!! so much has happened, halloween came, im a year older now, and now its a new year! my new years resolution this year is to make a game of some sort. i feel like it'll happen though! i've completely updated the website now! there's still a few things left to add like image ids and some pages i need to fix, but other than those i think im pretty pleased with the place now!

i went to anime nyc this year (or, well last year). i took my older brother with me. he though it was nice. i got to see a panel on anime journalism! but i went on sunday so i didn't get to see the dungeon meshi premiere! whatever the anime is already out so whatevs (watch it NOW!). i went as apollo justice btw. i took a pick with a klavier cosplayer, it was real fun! i also got a cd of touhou IKA by SOUND HOLIC! it's good, i like it! but other than that, i dont know if i want to go back this was so big, but there wasn't anything fun in my opinion...there were arcades, sure, but i didnt have money for tickets. most of the event is really advertising and expensive stuff (including food! we paid 8 dollars for two water bottles!!!) i wish i could go to a much smaller and less expensive convention, but its just not possible here in new york city...sigh...but i still like conventions, so if i ever get the change to go to a much cooler one, i'll totally go!

uhmm what else....i didn't really snow over here only snowed a bit and its not really that cold......i dont want to continue writing this because i'll get sad but it's something to think about...

um i've been working on portfolios, so thats fun! i've put it aside for too long, so i dont have much time, but i think i can make it! no-i KNOW i can!! besides, i only need one portfolio as of now, so my whole future isn't weighing on it.

i've been watching utena lately! it's AWESOME!!! you should totally watch it its great!!!! absolutely amazing!!!! i've also been really into megaman lately, even though im only on 3. thankfully you can play the games in any order, so i've been switching between battle network and classic, but i might place x soon. maybe legends as well? i do own a ps1.....galaxy man looks really cool btw! i really like him and his theme. i also read megaman megamix and gigamix, my favorite was battle and chase! it was really fun!!

uhm uhm i forgot whatelse i wanted to really tired today, okay? im gonna do something i dont know man. well, bye!

10-22-2023: catchin up

hiiiiii again!!! its been like 3 months since i last wrote here. ive started school again!! i have WAY less classes now so i have more time for goofing off XP but i also have pre calc and i have to apply for jobs and colleges so i have a lot of work now...oh well! i can handle it like i always have. the weather has been on and off lately; sometimes its warm while sometimes its cold. it makes me worried..will i be able to see the snow this year?

ive been stuck with creative block, havent really been able to do anything lately T_T. i wanna make a visual novel, but i dont know of what!!! sigh..maybe i can make one for a school project later this month but idk.....sigh,... but i have made some new ocs lately so thats nice. maybe i can make something with them! or maybe i can just mess around in renpy and go from there! :D

also IM SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN THIS YEAR YAYYYYYY im going to go as apollo justice this year and me and my older brother are gonna go to the theatre!! we're gonna watch the fnaf movie itll be awesome. sadly all my other friends already have plans though but whatever, we'll all be able to talk about our awesome nights when we see each other that monday! i swear if im the only kid at school who dresses up this year AGAIN im gonna be pissed -_-

ALSO ALSO im reallyyyyy excited for splatoween this year! itll be my first ever splatoween! deep cut looks AMAZING!!! so cool...also i heard there'll be new music too!!! thats CRAZY!!! anyways i have to go now because i have homework to do bleh x_x cyaaa!!!!

7-25-2023: lagging?

HELP MY COMPUTER IS LAGGING I THINK ITS BECAUSE THERES TOO MUCH CODE ON THE PAGE HOLD ON ok its all good now typing from notepad++ yayy anyways im enjoying my summer having funn uhhhh i havent been working on art fight much this year im SORRY!!! (; > <) for some reason i was kind of demotivated in the beginning of the month so i wasnt attacking people much...but anyways yeah

hey guess what! im getting into touhou now! i got the free demo for embodiment of scarlet devil and damn, its fun!! i cant wait to get the full game!! i can see why a lot of people like it, its very fun and the character designs are cool!! even my brother ended up liking it, and hes not interested at all in stuff with anime artstyles and stuff...i need a job...a lot of stuff i want is like pretty affordable but i just dont have the time for a job...this sucks -_-

ALSO ALSO speaking of things ive been getting into, im making clay models now!!

arent they SO CUTE? from left to right, its cosmic girl from rhythm tengoku, my original character cryl, and kirby from, well, kirby! im also making key"chains" but since i dont have chains i have to use string. i'll make a tutorial for that sometime. ive been sealing the paint with nail polish today, but the smell is so strong i hate it! (#><)

also i cooked pasta the other day. it wasnt as good as usual, but it was because we used a different pasta that was much thinner than we usually use, so it didnt absorb the sauce well. also, i tried octopus today! it was nice and crispy, but chewy on the inside! would love to have it again! inkfish hair looks so tasty in splatoon, especially inkling hair. my hungry ass could never be an inkling barber. cya

7-11-2023: midnight

hiii!! its like midnight as i write, or around there. but im still wide awake, having fun. i'm such a delinquent. ANYways.. i went to an amusment park the other day. i was scared because i always get a little nervous at amusement parks, but i got over it quick, like always. i went on this one ride that went round and round real fast! it was fun! least it would of if i wasnt being crushed by the weight of someone else sitting next to me...seriously, my inside felt like they were being crushed, i was grasping on for my life there! that was the first time i felt sick after an amusement park ride. i didnt even wanna go on any other rides after that. well, except for the ferris wheel. i've never been on one before, even when i go to coney island. i dont know why! i simply never went! but i definitley didnt regret going! the view was wonderful, even if it wasn't the biggest ferris wheel in the world. but i didnt take any pictures, because i left my phone at home! >_<

hmm what else have i been up to? oh right! i finally finished blood blockade battlefront today! i first saw it back in middle school, but i never finished season one. well i did now and it was awesome i hate this show. the ending was bittersweet...very good (if you couldnt tell by know, i was joking when i said i hated this show). honestly i find it really funny seeing new york being depicted in non-american media. i think blood blockade battllefront is the funniest though because 1: it takes place in a post apocalyptic new york that has a giant portal to another world of monsters and shit and 2: it is the most accurate depiction of new york i've seen in an anime. like seriously, they got the green sidewalk thingies showing the street names (i never knew what they were called), they got the graffiti, they've got the absolute greyness of the place, its picture perfect. umm imagine i got a gif of hellsalem's lot and captioned it as "average day in new york" because i dont have the gif. however now that i've finished the first season, i have a problem: it wont leave my brain. its not like i cant stop thinking about it, its more like its just there, begging for my attention, that i cant do anything else. dont worry, im not withering away in bed or anything, but i just simply cant do the things i wanted to do today, like make games or draw. its so weird. like if i think about something i very do like, i will end up remembering blood blockade battlefront again and it gets awkward. in my brain. yeah. again, its a good show and i like it but its still weird. maybe i don't to embarass myself when blood blockade battlefront exists......god what the hell am i saying. anyways did you know that when i first watched blood blockade battlefront i got gender envy from leonardo watch but i didn't know what that was so i ignored it until two years later when i started questioning my gender and sexuality. so. good night everyone!

7-2-2023: it's nighttime right now

as the title says, its night right now as i type. earlier today i changed the site font and succeeded! however, its too small. im going to change the base size for it right now. i also changed the site background (again)! i made it part of the lyrics to the moon and the prince from katamari damacy. might slightly edit again but for now im happy with it. hmmm what else did i do today? oh, right, i went to the flea market yesterday!

i got two episodes of flcl on dvd, i got little big planet for the ps3, a cute keychain, a little sweater, and a mini cassette player! the lbp disc ended up with scratches on it though, so im kind of embarassed now...i watched flcl for the first time. a lot of it was amazing! i liked the music and the camera shots and the animation! however it definitely was weird. it was very confusing to me, so i guess i just don't get it. the directors commentary definitley didnt clear things up for me. but whatever they were doing with this show, i understand that they put a LOT of thought into it. speaking of anime, i feel like i should really finish count of monte cristo...actually i have a lot of anime to finish....i dont wanna think about it.... -_-;

i've been considering making another shimeji, but im not sure. i definitely wanna try my hand at making a winamp skin! still working on games XP. summer is a great time for me, because it's when i get a burst of movivation AND ideas, AS WELL as having some time to work on them! i might try to use clickteam fusion for my game ideas, but i dont know how the free version from the website works. i gotta check later. hmm i think i will end this entry here! i've got a busy couple of days up ahead of me XD. ALSO im particpating in artfight this year! team werewolves! good night internet!

6-27-2023: i told her i was going to the bank. didnt tell her which one

heyyy!!! whats up? im very happy because I WENT FISHING FOR THE FIRST TIME THE OTHER DAY!!!! it's always been my childhood dream to go fishing. though, i didnt catch anything XP. i need to bring pliers next time...we bought sandworms for bait but i couldnt bring myself to use them. i just dont really want to slowly stab a small squirming thing...thinking about it makes me feel not good. maybe next time i'll catch a big fish. well, my laptop is about to die, so i'll edit this blogpost later with more stuff maybe. cya!

5-29-2023: im back

hello everyone!! im back!! i was too busy to be active but im back. i have bad news though... i wasnt able to finish that game for really upset about it, but im feeling better now! i do want to finish it though on my own time.. maybe before the end of the school year? oh well..anyways i now can get back to work on my previous projects, including this! i really wanna clean up some pages and add new ones! i've been messing around in renpy too, its very fun! i also wanna learn utau. i've been playing pokemon showdown too! i filled my team with my fav pokemon, but i think they're kind of lacking..i think i should improve sora's (my venasaur) moveset. anyways, thats all ive gotta say. cya!!! :D

5-4-2023: sick sick sick

hello everyone. i am sick unfortunately. i've been sick all day, so i got to leave school early! this means i wont be working on my game all day though. can't work efficiently if you're sick. i've been working on other, less time sensitive and less stressful projects today, but its a bit hard. i think im coming down with a fever too...i hope i get better for tomorrow, i have a test that i cant miss..

i've been really stressed about my project but this image i made has been cheering me up a bit.

god i am so mom says i dont have a fever but i still feel awful......i'll try and add some changes to the art page now....bye..........

4-23-2023: caramba! i hate it when there's a lot of hair on the floor!

hello neocities! guess what! i got my hair cut yesterday! its super short now, and im super happy!! i even updated my splatoon octoling to reflect it (he has the afro hairstyle now)! i cant wait to show my friends! my only problem is the rules i have to follow now. i was told by my mom that i have to wear bigger earrings so it'll "look better" but i already know what it means. i have to do that so people dont mistake me for a guy. just like how i have to wear fitted shirts with wide jeans. it so i can still be feminine. i just think it's kinda of unnecessary. besides the fact that i am a guy, why does it matter if people think i look masculine? everyone makes mistakes, so i can just kindly correct them and move on, right? like who gives a shit.

anyways im gonna work on my game while resisting the urge to work on rhythm rpg...this will be very difficult......oh btw! i started playing splatoon 2 recently (dont ask how hehe)! im playing the campaign but my games really buggy so i have to fix that. i can't wait to start octo expansion!

also, there will be some changes to the site once i have the time. cya!

4-1-2023: for april fools im deleting the site sayonara you weeaboo shits (jk!)

sorry about the mean title! just couldnt resist the urge to quote on of my favorite tumblr posts! geez, its been a whole month! i'll try to remember everything that i've been up to!

hey did you know? my school is doing a video game coding competition!! i've already entered and am working on my game! you may be asking, "ted! you know how to code video games!?" and the answer to that is: no! but im planning on learning javascript within two months! i've already come up with the ideas for the game, so all i need to do now is put it all together. i'll post it here when im done, just with all the personal details removed.

comics! i'm making a new comic! it's gonna be called vibrant binary! thats all you'll know ;] . also currently working on those updates for heavenly days, so dont worry! im planning on making a quiz and putting in on gold remix too! but thats once i finish javascript. as for rhythm rpg, its going good! im just, really scared about putting the caterpillar followers system,,,this is so hard........-m-; .

i've started playing pokemon black recently and im obsessed! its very fun! heres my team!

from top right to top left, then bottom right to bottom left: wottson the dewott, karate joe the sawk, pansy the simisear, tim the timburr, sandy the sandile, and courtney the whimsiscott! i love them all so much and if team plasma ever took a single one of them i'd fight them all single handedly. also, i stated playing klonoa, specificallt the wii remake. its very fun!

i started making bead bracelets and pins! here's some i've made.

the bracelets are very fun to make! ignore that the pk starstorm one uses q, i was sold an alphabet pack with no o's -_- also, i made the pins out of soda cans! they worked very well! (EDIT: forgot to mention i made both designs myself! i copied the perfect medal design from rhythm heaven fever). i might post a tutorial soon! speaking of that, i might make a new page dedicated to tutorials and articles! :D hmm i think thats all... signing off right now, see you later! :D

2-26-2023: arcade!

heres a short one, but i went to the arcade today! it was fun! tried to get on the leaderboards for the rhythm tengoku machine they have, but i failed this time X[ . i tried groove coaster, it was super fun! the chururia chururia dadada thing on groove coaster wasnt fun though it was so weird -_-; also had an icee and some pizza afterwards, it was sooo good!!

i wore a really nice outfit today too! i wore a white t-shirt with cool jeans and a pink sweater. i have my gameboy watch and some bead bracelets i had laying around. i also wore my red and blue baseball cap. i looked like ness from earthbound (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). today was fun. i dont get to go to the arcade much, but when i do, its AWESOME!!! anyways cya! i have to go to bed early today.

2-20-2023: apple sauce

literally only named this blog entry like this because i just had apple sauce rn lmao XP. anyways hey everyone! i have bad news...i went to go play mother 1 for the first time in a while and when i booted it up...all my save data was GONE! poof! i was so sad..i felt like kero chan in that one episode of cardcaptor sakura. im gonna look into save states for the nes so i can go back to where i was. i already collected 3 melodies so its not that far, but when i lose progress in a game, it really makes my motivation dip.

anyways, on a lighter note, i think i'll update gold remix today! i've got a couple ideas right now. a new posts about more official websites plus my idea of the rhythm heaven world! its a bit difficult though..i dont wanna put all my rhythm heaven stuff on gold remix. i wanna save some stuff for this site too! though, crossposting should be fine, right? i don't think i'll put my random art on ther unless necessary. geez, im writing this on the family computer and this keyboard sucks!! it's so clunky, some keys don't even register. my laptop keyboard is much better. oh! im currently listening to sign of hero from klonoa heroes! it's so pretty, i love it. it fills me with so much wonder. it inspires me to make video games....hey! here's a fun idea! i should post the demo of rhythm rpg when im one with episode 1! so i can get feedback on it! i think its a good idea :] well, off to go do whatever i was gonna do lol! bye!!

2-9-2023: nintendo direct thoughts

heyy everyone!!!!!! i FINALLy added the title screen i mentioned making like, 2 months ago? anyways i think it looks very nice! just saw takotsubo heartbeat and its super good wth!! anyways thats not what i wanted to talk about today. i saw the nintendo direct yesterday!!! it was rlly good!! i cant believe ghost trick is getting ported AND theres gonna be a new professor layton game! i've been thinking of this one image all day i should really check out those two..they look super cool..ALSO ALSO THE NEW SPLATOON DLC????? I CANT WAIT!!!! i dont rlly care for the inkopolis dlc but SIDE ORDER??? COUNT ME IN!!!! yo im so excited...but what happened to inkopolis...? anyways again i am disappointed that there's no rhythm heaven OR ace attorney...time to put away the clown costume for now...sigh...

anyways i rlly rlly wanna work on rhythm RPG!!!! i cant do it rn though lmao. uhm i forgot what i was gonna write again... oh yeah i deleted twitter recently XP! recently twitter has become so insufferable. ANYWAYS i wanna animate!! i started animating a little bit and after watching takotsubo heartbeat i REALLY wanna animate...maybe i'll make something with my ocs or with rhythm heaven characters...OKAY BYE!!

2-4-2023: smiles and tears

hi everyone! if you couldn't tell, i finally finished earthbound last night! i cried so much, but i was laughing too! it took me a year to finish it. it was such a fun and cute game, definitely my favortie game in the trilogy. i miss those silly kids already! i hope they stay in touch. i hope they send each other letters every once in a while. im glad they'll still be friends. i love earthbound. the development team really did so well, and the heart they put into the game definitely shows! listening to bein' friends right now, its so good!! now that im done with earthbound, i can pick up earthbound zero again. i forgot what i was supposed to do...i think im supposed to go to a bridge, but apparently it's blocked off. i hope i can meet lloyd soon!

my friend showed me this cool site recently that sells papers and pens and all sorts of stationary. they even have stuff for comic/manga making and its all pretty cheap! im so tempted to buy a couple papers and pens but i wanted to save up for sabikui bisco volume 2...i dont even know what'd id make with it, but i think it'd be fun! maybe i'd make a oneshot based on that one animation i made a while back about pop singer from rhythm heaven as a magical girl.

oops! forgot what i was gonna write here! XP oh well, guess im signing off! cya later!

1-26-2023: hey shadow! long time no see!

hey everyone! it's been a while huh? sorry i've been gone for a while, schools been kicking my ass so i've been struggling with balancing free time and work. thankfully, theres a good reason i've been gone! i made a new site! it's called gold remix! it's a rhythm heaven fansite! don't worry! i'll still post rhythm heaven stuff here, but gold remix is more for like, general stuff i think? while here is for more self-indulgent stuff that i don't think makes sense. it came out super good! i linked it in the misc section if you wanna check it out! i might clean up some pages too. instead of stacking every divider ontop of each other, i'll try to put them side by side. also, i found this cool fangame called Touhou Mother and you'll NEVER guess what it is! Its a crossover game with touhou and earthbound! basically, a couple of earthbound characters end up in gensokyo and reimu and marisa have to collect the eight melodies to stop gigyas. so far, the only earthbound characters encountered so far have been a couple of starmen (if im remembering correctly) and the one and only porky! i wonder how he'll turn out this time...i feel bad for porky. also, the game made me put my name in and i hope it doesnt give that name to ness. i just dont like naming characters who already have canon names in video games! oh well. if that happens its all on me lmao. also, i can just use a save state. anyways this game inspired me to get back to work on rhythm RPG! if it werent for school, it'd be working on this day and night! though, i kinda wanna take a break from my computer...ANYWAYS HERES SOME SNEAK PEAKS!

here's the cafe! i made the tileset myself, and i updated the protagonist's sprites! i also animated that boombox on the counter! still using the default sprites for the npcs. i think my idea for the story is much clearer now, so i cant wait! again, i wanna cut down on my computer time, so i think i'll stick to drawing and gaming for now.

speaking of gaming, there's gonna be a new splatfest next month! team dark chocolate for the win! i may have chosen sweet last time, but this time, im going bitter! (is dark chocolate actually bitter? it tastes sweet to me.) also, i finished the story mode!! man it was so good!! i LOVED the 3mix of calamari inkantation!! i only lost the final battle once because i spent a whole minute trying to figure out how to move the ship XP. also is mr. grizz fucking dead D: he doesnt speak anymore when you go to start a shift and my friend said his dialogue during salmon run is prerecorded... anyways im gonna try to one hundred percent the story mode! that'll be fun! there's some kettles i seemed to have missed out on. also have you SEEN my octoling!? i wish i had a pic because he's so cute and stylish! well thats all for now! don't tell anyone but i should been doing my homework right now X[ goodnight!

1-14-2023: what year is it?

HIHIHI HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! 14 days late....sorry xp.anyways the year has been pretty rocky for me, it was pretty stressful. but im okay! uhhh the site got some revamps!anyways i should talk about my resolutions, right?

new years resolutions!

  • get a job (this one might not happen this year though xp)
  • make anykind of game, regardless of how long it is yeah thats it. i dont really set much goals, i just do whatever. im thinking of makin a case for my copy of mother since i dont have one. its just sitting in my nes rn! uhhh nothing much to say...these past few weeks i knew i was gonna put stuff in my next blog post, but i forgot lmao. btw i know the last update of heavenly days sucked, but dont worry! the next update will be much better! one part of the next update will focus on yuka!

12-26-2022: merry xmas!

hiii!!! christmas has come and gone! it wasnt that eventful this year (or any year for that matter) but it was nice. i got some super cute cat socks from my mom, a gameboy watch from my dad, and thems fighting herds from my brother! we stayed up until midnight to open the presents, as per tradition. before that though, i played smash bros with my brother and i sweeped the floor with him. i wonder if i should join a smash tournament lmao. then, on christmas night, we saw the new dragon ball movie. i actually dont know much about dragon ball, so i think it wouldve been better if i had known more, but it was a fun watch!

after that we watched elf bowling...yeah, that movie about that one pc game from the 90s. it sucked as you expect. but it was still funny to watch. there was a song where the villain literally sings about how awesome slavery is. i dont recommend watching the movie, but that scene was the only part that got a laugh out of me and my brother because of how out-of-nowhere and unexpected it was. anyways, i got a vocaloid manga at a bookstore at the mall today! and i already finished reading it lol! its a nice read. all of the short stories take place in their own universe with only a few things in common, such as the vocaloids being robots. there were like two scenes where len seems pretty happy to dress like a girl too. good for her!anyways i did not have so much fun getting this book though. the bookstore was crowded and had loud music, and the gamestop we checked out had this really loud ringing noise, especially in the back of the store. oh well. im home now and im cooped up in my room. just trying to NOT chill because its so COLD outside. well, bye! i think i'll change the site theme now. i'll keep the christmas tree up until febuary. when febuary comes, i'll make a link on the art page to the adoptables. bye!!!

12-23-2022:god i cant wait til tomorrow so i can use a funny blog title

hiiiii! lets get to the point: its COLD OVER HERE!!! FREEZING!!!!!!! cooped up in my room right now. tomorrow is christmas eve. it came too fast...X_x oh well. ive got good new because....i have mother 1/earthbound beginnings now!!!

its really hard! but im getting the hang of it! im currently up to the zoo section. the game is going much faster than expected though... at this point i'll have gotten three melodies already! and i've only been playing for three days! i hope its not a short game lol. also, now that i've used a real life nes controller, i would like to apologize to every person who's ever played an nes megaman game. im so sorry for falling to my pride and undermining your pain and struggles. it must've been really hard to defeat all those robot masters orz. oh well. grr i HATE this site theme im soo gonna change it after christmas im never doing seasonal site changes this big. also im gonna change the index a bit. i still gotta make that title screen lol. anyways im gonna go now. cya!

12-16-2022: late night posting (?)

hi!!! im rlly tired from crying rn. it was something very personal but i feel much better now! talking with others always helps. anyways before that crying stuff today was fucking awesome!!! my school had a festival today!!!! it was so much fun!! there was lots of food. i ate some chicken, empanadas, and deep fried oreos! yeah. those exist. they're surprisingly good! though the empanadas were kind of not that good. i say that about every empanada that wasnt made by my mom because she just can't be beat, but these ones were just not that good. i guess because they weren't freshly hot, which i cant really blame the students running the stand for. though, the empanadas were crazy expensive! 8 tickets for 1 tiny empanada!!! an outrage!!!! im leaving that stand a 0/10 on yelp. lmao jk. but yeah it was super fun! once i was full i jusst wasted my tickets on the art club's raffle stand. i was kind of alone since some of my only friends who came were kind of busy, but i didn't mind! im sure they were having as much fun as i was! i got a whole bunch of stickers that i put on my laptop they're very cute! anyways that was it. i didnt get to see the performances in the audatorium but tbh i was dying to get out of there! it suddenly got really hot all of a sudden so i just wanted to leave.

yknow im kind of getting emotional. there's been a recent announcement about the pokemon anime. ash and pikachu's journey will be ending soon. im very proud of them, but im a little sad about it. i havent watched the anime since i was a little kid watching indigo league, but it still makes me emotional. its something i've known for such a long time and i feel the same way for other things too. mob psycho 100 is finally adapting the final parts of the original manga. immortal days, a manhwa i like, is starting its third and final season. it makes me so emotional. those last two are things i've been staying close with for like. around 7 years now!! and now they're finally coming to a close...all the things that are so familiar to me are now going away, and it makes me pretty emotional. hell, i've already got one more year before i graduate! its not a bad thing. all good things must come to an end as they say. this reminds me of when gravity falls ended back in 2016. i has super heartbroken. that show was incredibly important to me. i really do miss that show lol. i guess it's important to move on and whatever, but what do you do about now? how are you supposed to take that first step in letting go? i know i sound overdramatic talking about anime and stuff but like. i cant help it. im very attached! these things are a huge part of my life. im so glad they existed. and for the memories given to me. ah, im tearing up again (ノ_<。) oh well. to new horizons and what not :]

12-9-2022: in which ted gushes about fan works

hello everyone!! im back!!!! geez ive been gone for a while, huh? school's been really kicking my ass lately, but the weekend is here!! yknow what else is here? BIG RUN!!!!!!!! currently listening to the lobby theme as i type! its so fun, but also so scary....i've been waiting all DAY for this!!! btw, im thinking of deleting lopenstar online for now. i'll still have the files on the site, but i'll just delete the html page for now. i wanted to make the page private, but it seems like i cant. this is only because i genuinely do NOT like lopenstar right now -_-. maybe when i clear my ideas for it and get back into it will i bring it back. for now, it'll be chilling in the back of my head, waiting to reawaken. also, i really really do wanna work on heavenly days, but i have to be patient!!! i have so many ideas for pages and stuff, but they just wont work if i upload them asap!!! it makes me so mad cuz they're such fun ideas i'd love for you to see, but it seems like we'll have to wait! ;]

oh also, i found a really neat tumblr blog about their collection of mother mangas, especially doujinshis! everything is sfw, which im really happy about! its kind of hard trying to find sfw doujinshi so im really greatful. everything there looks really cool! the person running it has only shared a few translations though, which is a shame, but its still cool to look at them! personally, id love to check out "boy meets girl" and "believe" by chikyudo. those two retell certain moments in mother 1/earthbound beginnings. i'd love to read them once my copy of mother 1 arrives! im super excited!!!

oh and speaking of doujinshi, there was this one time i went scouring through as many doujinshi sites as i could (somehow but thankfully not seeing anything explicitly nsfw) just for the rare chance of finding a rhythm heaven doujinshi...and lo and behold...i did. and unfortunately i do NOT remember it for the life of me and the website where i found the website where it was listed got taken over by those bots that steal urls and stuff!!!! argh!!! all i remember was that it was a romance manga about a stepswitcher and a crop stomper going on a date at an amusement park and thats it. tbh, i actually considered getting it despite me not being interested in romance centered stuff. if anyone knows what it was called, feel free to let me know! its so crazy though, for a game series that started in 2006, it didnt get alot of fan content besides the remix 10 parodies. not even a single caramelldansen!!! outrageous!!!!! though i do understand what might the reason, its still shocking! wait wait wait i just remembered. rhythm jigoku. i found out about this youtube series called rhythm jigoku and it only had four episodes but it was fucking AWESOME!! okay so it followed karate joe and the wandering samurai and they're just chilling with the barista, when all of a sudden the samurai drummer barges in and starts attacking them! its then revealed that everyone in rhythm heaven is becoming evil and is just ripping each other to shreds! then theres this cool fight scene between samurai, samurai drummer (um, dont worry, it wont get confusing any longer), and later barista! there's two versions of the first episode, the true end and the bad end. the bad end has joe and samurai escaping, but instead of doing anything, they just leave rhythm heaven and let it collapse (at least, thats what i assume. the final line in the bad end is "goodbye rhythm heaven"). the true ending is where they escape the cafe, but they dont leave rhythm heaven. either way, in both versions i think it's implied barista sacrifices himself for the two :[ . samurai was the quickest out of the two to get used to the situation, with him immediately jumping into battle while joe is reasonably horrified. i think the creator was going to have it be like, samurai was probably gonna slowly become like everyone else and joe would try to bring him to his senses as that does happen in the cafe battle and that would be one of the conflicts of the series. thats just me theorizing though, but its still a cool idea! anyways, not long after, joe and samurai meet a new foe: kanojo from ninja reincarnate!! you might not know her, and i understand. her and tanaka don't seem to be talked about much in the rhythm heaven community, so she was such a pleasant surprise and one of my favorite things in the series! basically, in rhythm jigoku instead of having to be protected by tanaka, shes just killing people with a katana (a win for feminism). anyways another fight scene begins and kanojo keeps saying stuff to samurai that seems important but i cant tell. all of a sudden...TANAKA INTERFERES!!! kanojo seems shocked to see him as well!! and then....nothing. thats where the series was unfortunately discontinued...oh well, it was fun in the one day i discovered it, and its still fun to look back on now. i wonder what the creator is doing now. have they improved? have they moved on to new horizons? uhh i dont know how to share youtube channels, so heres a link to the first episode. a quick heads up for blood and loud noises (especially in the fourth episode, which includes audio of people screaming at the very beginning). uhh thats all i gotta say!!! gonna go work on my video games now, cya!

11-30-2022: a thousand explosion beams!!

today was a good day! it rained ALL DAY today. what an awesome reference to the awesome website rainyxshiny days on neocities dot org!! it was very good today, as i already stated. i joined the coding club today at my school! i was kind of worried that it'd just be code dot org and i missed anime club for nothing, but it turns out its really fun! i would be fine with whatever kind of code we did, but we're doing web coding in this club, so i've got a headstart! i couldn't do much today cuz the laptops at my school SUCK, but i am so excited. they also said i could join some coding competitions too! however, the problem is that coding club is at the same time and day of anime club, and i really like that club. i already volunteered to help our stand for the school festival so i dont wanna miss too many days. i think i'll just switch up whichever one i go to every week :].

also, while i was trying to do my homework just now, i was listening to ultimate remix by jan misali and i had to stop because it made me remember how much i LOVE video games!!! i almost cried while working on my homework!!! i love video games so much!!!!! i think i'll make a shrine for video games i love them so so so much. anyways my break is gonna end soon, then i'll have to get back to my hw. cya!!

11-29-2022: this entry was written on mobile

hello hello hello!!!! writing this from my phone!!!! this sucks so much ass...ANYWAYS uhmmm uhhh jeez i keep forgetting what i wanted to say. OH YEAH i changed the site layout for december! it was uhm. hell to do!! i had to change some stuff (all of it ) sonce my original idea didnt come out as planned, but i think it looks nice. also, im planning on making some adoptables for the holiday season, like "gifts"! i think it'll be fun. even after the new years, ill still have them available though, so theyre not some dumb limited event type stuff lol.

man, i love working on rhythm rpg. its so fun! im planning on having it be split into "episodes", which are just chapters. it wont have any bearing on how the story is told i think, its just for making it easier for me to manage. this is so much fun to work on. i can wait til its done. i hope everyone likes it!

11-26-2022: rp-jesus this is hard

hello everyone!!! i uhm. forgot what i was gonna say. OH dont worry gang i remembered grins. anywayss i found this game online called shadow arts, its pretty fun! i linked the official site on my misc page. rina toba is my fav character. there's a character named mii sasaduka who's like. windows girl. one of her specials is the blue screen of death LOL. my favorite character is rina toba though. shes so cool!! her stylish red hat and long brown hair reminds me of carmen sandiago! (wait, was carmen sandiago's hair brown or black???) anyways heres a screenshot from shadow arts plus since im too lazy to get my own screenshot.

i also got a bunch of other games from the same site i found shadow arts on, but they're all visual novels and in japanese (>﹏<).

i've been working on rhythm rpg again!! again, not much progress, but its more progress than before! all day i've been working on a cutscene where the two main characters meet, and its been HELL!!!! it was so confusing when everything was out of order in the playtesting, since i've done this same scene before in rpg maker fes. in the end, it turns out the solution was the easiest one: just have the cutscene be on one event and seperate it via pages. anyways, i have to make the charsets and faceset for cosmic girl as well as clean up connor's faceset and charset. cya! i'll be getting back to work! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

11-23-2022: HAPPY ✩ ANGEL

hello denizens of neocities! ted here! no news or crazy stuff to talk about today, im just feeling good today :] thinking about updating the site. like i said in my status thing im gonna change the index. i'll be transfering the current index page to a different page, so dont worry for anyone whos a fan of the current home page! also gonna change the 404 page (sorry gaster) to have my mascot for this site, raze. you might've seen them around (like in the top secret banner) but i think i should make a character page for them. and im gonna change the about page button just a little. thats it. i think i'll work on rhythm rpg today :] cya!

11-21-2022: birthday aftermath

you may have noticed the countdown on the index page is gone (well, it should be by the time your reading this).thats because...yesterday i celebrated my birthday!! i was planning on writing this post yesterday, but i got too caught up in celebrating XD. i celebrated with my family and i went bowling with my brother. then, i got sonic frontiers as a present!!! its really fun, though im not really used to these new voice actors or this realistic world (i guess thats because the only sonic games i've ever played were the adventure games on repeat lmao). it'll grow on me though! it was super fun!! i got to stay home from school today since it's CRAZY cold over here (30 degrees outside)!

anyways, theres one good thing about this post being made today. thats because....


its like a late birthday gift! i just finished cleaning it, it required a LOT more cleaning than the ps1. there were no games like last time though, and we dont know if it works :/ i hope it does though, that'd be awesome! if anyone has any nes game recommendations, feel free to send them in! wait a miniute i dont even have the controller XP. oh well! cya!

11-16-2022: no title, make up your own!

hi!!!! winter is approaching soon, so the days are getting colder...brrr...when i got home today, the sun was already setting! the sky was so beautiful though...the clouds were pink and the sunlight rested beautifully upon the buildings and trees.

my birthday is coming up soon, im so excited!! i will finally be turning 1109 years old soon!!! (just kidding! ☆⌒(ゝ。∂)) anyways....

the splatfest is over!!! team water won!!! currently, its 2/0/ so sorry frye...i also heard theres something called big run coming up? it sounds fun! i like salmon run, so big run sounds AWESOME! i hate when i have to use the splatling weapon -_-. btw there's nothing stronger than the bonds between you and your randomly assigned co workers in salmon run. anyways...i've got homework to do today...sigh....if you see me goofing around on this site uhhhhh no you didnt!

11-15-2022: goofin around

hello!! today i am stuck in my room because my dad's doing construction in the living room -_-; anyways it's really cold today. tbh, the grey sky was very pretty. i want to make a rh comic lmao (dont worry, im still working on lopenstar). i've made a few pages. hmm, i've got nothing to talk about today, so cya!!!


WHOA sorry i've been gone for a while! i've gotten addicted to splatoon 3 XP. any ways nothing much is new, i've gotten some progress on the rhythm rpg tilesets, though its still nothing crazy. im trying to make a sa2 mod that replaces everyone with my ocs!!! im having a lot of trouble with sa2 modloader though... thats really all i've got to say. cya!

11-5-2022: showin off my bag

im gonna show off my bag B] i have some ace attorney pins and a homemade franklin badge! i am very safe.

not only i made a homemade keychain!

...yes that is metallic thread and tape. (>﹏<) i'll get a better version some other time...i made the design myself! almost looks offical, right?

i've been playing a few games recently. a deltarune fan mmo called "dont forget", i've defeated airman in megaman 2, and..............


its soooo fun!!! i'd put images but i dont rlly wanna XP im pretty good at it, surprisingly! splattershot my beloved...btw, im on team fire this splatfest >:] it was a hard choice...i love smallfry! also im too scared to try salmon run. thats all i have to say!!! cya!!

11-1-2022: halloween after party

its november now!! aka my birthday month! sigh..i feel really tired these days...the marking period is ending soon and the time i spend at home feels less and less now -_-; i cant wait until winter break. actually i feel a bit better all of a sudden??? okay! anyways halloween was good. i was one of the only people who dressed up at school though haha. someone did recognize my costume though! :D i only saw one movie with my brother when i got home. it was wendell and wild. it was so good! i definitely recommend it! the characters were fun to watch and the animation was REALLY cool!

i've been thinking of reading the original sherlock holmes stories out of boredom. i will keep you updated on that later.

i have kind of regained the energy to work on rhythm rpg again >:] just a little bit. i think i will make some progress today. i've only made one faceset so far, but i dont like how it looks since i made it in ms paint. i think i'll redraw it in ibis paint, then transfer it to ms paint so i can make it 256 colors, but i think i will show the original one here.

i think these came out good, but i think i can do better. i also wanna make some sprites of note. i want note to be an npc that you interact with to save your game. what a silly little ghost! i also have a little au idea...its called rhythm ten NEO. yeah,, its kind of inspired by chou shounen tanteidan NEO. it takes place in the future of 2117. basically, joe lives in a far away island with his father and is sent to go somewhere (?) on boat for important reasons. however, he ends up in a bad storm and crash lands on rhythm heaven. he meets yuka (tap trial girl. yuka actually is her canon name!) and the wandering samurai and become friends. because of circumstances, they decide they need money, and start a detective agency as their last resort. of course, shenanagains ensue, and they end up taking an actual serious case involving a mysterious group... also one side plot involves super heroes and another involves the high school characters in rhythm heaven. hey, do you think any school in rhythm heaven would be named "rhythm tengakuen"?

10-30-2022: hallows eve...

its the eve...of hallow....okay this is a dumb bit. halloween is just a day away baby!!!!!! im excited! too bad i have school on halloween, but at least everyone gets to see each others costumes! i never got to do that with friends, we always lived so far apart. even now, i cant just walk to my friends houses and go trick or treating with them. i kind of feel too old to go trick or treating anyways. i know everyone says that no one's too old to go trick or treating, but the thing is, it tends to be mostly little kids who go trick or treating. i dont wanna go out on halloween surrounded by a group of children. though, if i could go with friends, i would love to go out and wander the streets on halloween, even if we dont get candy! im gonna dress as ness tomorrow, since nobody has the time to make a new halloween costume when they JUST spent a bunch of time on a convention costume. (argh, as i write this, my fingers hurt...i've been doing written homework all day...) i dont have any plans this year, so i might watch some scary movies with my brother. i kind of wanna watch texas chainsaw massacre, but tbh i dont even like horror lmao. i definitely wanna watch that new movie, wendell and wild, so maybe i can watch it with my brother if he doesnt come up with any movie ideas! i also changed my gaia online avi in preparation for halloween. tbh i dont think i'll change it. he looks too cool

also i've started playing megaman 2 recently! i have an oc named rocky whos design was inspired by megaman, so i figured "i should play megaman for my self!" the designs are super cool too. its crazy to think that megaman has hair though?? i always though his helmet was his hair and he was just bald lol. i guess thats where all that fanart came from. the levels in this game are hard as HELL though!!! i mostly just push my way through the levels and i end up with minimum health by the time i reach the bosses! speaking of the bosses...are they supposed to be that easy?? at first i though bubble man was just embarassingly easy to defeat, but once i got to flash man and wood man, i began questioning whether or not these bosses are as hard as everyone says...maybe im just too good? ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌ im currently up to airman's stage right now. considering how the previous boss battles went, his battle will be a breeze!

10-27-2022: argh!!!!

i feel TERRIBLE! my stomach hurts a little and im failing one of my classes. all my other classes are in good standing, but i feel like if i fail even one class, i might as well have failed all of them. its because of the tests and one homework. i only had three tests so far, and i havent done good in two of them. i've missed three homeworks too, one of which was because i was sick all weekend and the others because the stupid site we have to do them one wont. work!!! sigh...i dont know what to do. im so scared to talk about it to anyone, they'll just tell me i should be more serious about my grades and stop playing around. cut me some slack! its my first ever ap class! im not saying my teacher should give me an a, i just hope i dont get yelled at...also i keep hearing a ringing in my left ear idk why X[

anyways, im trying to finish up my gaster shrine, it looks pretty good so far. i just wish there were more official gaster stuff...OMG. HOW COULD I FORGET THE TAROT CARDS. i know they're not official offical, but they were made for the steam verioun of undertale soooo. anyways i wanna change the site font. i dont know how to do it though. i just HATE this font. so lame...oh well! ill figure that out later! i got homework to do. see ya!

10-22-2022: comic

been thinking about stuff i wanna make. i've been thinking of making a webcomic, but i just cant do it for some reason. i have a cool idea, but i just cant get attached to it, which sucks because its something that i think would be really fun to write! i have a bunch of characters i have story ideas for, but i think the difference her is that for those, i make the characters first and the story next. that way, i can get attached to the characters and build a story around them that feels meaningful. but if i only have a story idea, making the characters feels boring. sigh, i supposed i'll have to figure out how to deal with this. btw, i made some art for the comic idea i was talking about. here's the link :]

10-21-2022: erm what the scallop

oh uh update just found an exe file i dont remember downloading O_o. its called "eric's day off". it might've been an game i downloaded, but considering that windows security warns me when i tried to open it, im not sure if thats the case...its probably nothing, but for now i wont open it. maybe later when im not in the middle of doing something, and can risk getting my computer exploded XP

another update!: the mystery is solved! it was a game i downloaded, but it was from rpg! lol. i guess i'll play a little bit of it later.

10-21-2022: oh shiny day

currently listening to Rhythm Tengoku OST: Thats Paradise/Staff Credits

whoa, its been almost a week! i've been a little stressed lately, because of schoolwork, but i've been doing much better! today on my bus ride to school the sun was so bright, it made everything look golden. my dad took my and my brother out for pizza out of nowhere! we got some from a wood fired pizza place, it was small, but super tasty! i should go there more. oh, and my brother's copy of ace combat 3 should be arriving tomorrow! i didnt tell him when he asked though, its supposed to be a surprise! though, he already knows what his gift is at this point XP also, im almost done with a shimeji im making. i'll put it up on the projects page once it's done. you'll NEVER guess what it is!!

10-16-2022: still sick

im still sick. my fever has gone away thankfully, but my throat feels tight and i've been coughing/sneezing a lot. at least i wont go to school tomorrow. i feel very tired. of course i have so much homework that i couldnt do because i was sick. now i have one day to do it all. im so tired i can barely even think. i am making a lot of typing mistakes as i write this (but you cant see them because im fixing them). the only thoughts ive had today were how much homework i have and what if ness from earthbound knew about fortnite. i think i should just get a no homework pass because i am so awesome and cool and also fought some of my most hardest battles (fever). jk of course. anywaysssss (multiple s is intentional), i will try to get this stuff done without going insane. i hope i can.

10-14-2022: sick

im sick. i will not write much as i am too sick. i did well on my test i think, as i managed to catch up on all the material the night before :D. now i gotta do a bunch of homework over the weekend D: oh well. i will now go and explore the neocities. ciao.

10-13-2022: i hate ap gov + important matters

i HATE my ap gov class!!! my teacher goes way too fast and he just makes us google stuff most of the time. i'd rather just take notes because its so much easier to do and learn, but whenever he does lectures, he goes to the next slide as fast as he possibly can so he can put us in groups. now i gotta study for this test tomorrow...i dont even know all the amendments (awful, i know :[ )! maybe i could do it though...

now. onto more important brother's birthday is coming up next week!! im not sure how to celebrate his birthday, but i do know he REALLY wants ace combat 3: electrosphere. it looks really cool!! he's been really into the ace combat series recently. over the summer we'd take turns at dinner talking endlessly about ace attorney and ace combat lore lmao. anyways, i know im gonna get him electrosphere, but i wanna add a little extra gift too! so i was thinking i should customize one of our ps1 controllers to be electrosphere themed! the problem is, i dont know how to customize a controller. the last time i customized a controller was with my ps3 controller when i was a little kid. i gotta be really careful this time...if i even knew where to start!!! argh!!!!!

btw, i got guilty gear (the first one) on pc recently. but i HATE playing on keyboard and my ps4 controller SUCKS!!! im thinking of modding my ps1 so i can burn my copy onto a cd and play it on my ps1. too bad modchips cost MONEY, aka the root of all my problems (jk). but still, shame. i still gotta get cds, but those are pretty cheap, so i dont have to worry!

anyways i should hurry up and get to studying...geez, i feel like everyday my schedule is crammed with school is hell...

10-11-2022: hungry...

i ate horribly today! i woke up at 7 today, leaving me less than 5 minutes to eat breakfast. all i ate were eggs. i dont eat much at school already since the food can be bland at best and dubious at worst, but i still tried to eat something. all i had were fries and plums. then, when i got home, my dad burnt the leftovers we were gonna eat!! the pasta managed to survive, but the rice? not so much...all i ate for the rest of the day were three mini bags of halloween-themed pretzels -_-. as of writing this i still havent eaten much. i dont know what to eat though...(╥﹏╥)...i wanna play guilty gear...

update: i am currently eating a muffin :D

10-9-2022: website thoughts

good morning world! oh, its not morning from where im posting. weird! feels like i woke up two hours ago! time flies. anyways, i just really wanted to talk about how happy i am i made this website. i already knew social media sucks, but this site has made me realize how much i dislike using it. recently, my art has been getting real popular on twitter. sounds good right? i like when people like my stuff, but i make art A LOT. almost everyday. so you can imagine how stressful it can be to have every single drawing you make get at the least get 40 likes and retweets, no matter if it was a piece you spent 10 hours on or a doodle you made in the middle of class. i dont even care about followers when im online. but when it comes to twitter, it feels like i've become my art. i feel like people dont see anyone behind the work when my stuff blows up. it feels weird and i dont like it. no offense to any of my followers online! i appreciate you, and im grateful, but thats just how i feel, okay? it feels like theres too much unspoken rules on social media. dont talk too much, dont post things without meaning, dont post if it wont get a laugh out of people. im not an entertainer, im just someone on the internet...

but on here, i feel like i can truly let my heart out. its a safe haven for me to let loose whenever social media feels too restrictive or too boring. last night i posted about that headcanon i had and i dont think i could've done that anywhere else! the fact that i can be alone here makes me happy, because i dont feel alone! it's just my own special time for me. the community on neocities is so friendly too. i just joined the melonland forums and everyone's so nice. too bad i forgot my login so i can only access it on my laptop lmao XP. (sorry guys a quick rant theres someone above my apartment BANGING ON THE WALLS I THINK??? BE QUIET!!! D:<) of course, im not gonna delete all my social medias like some people on here say they did. more power to them, but i could never do that, haha. a lot of my friends are on twitter or tumblr, and i understand why they'd want to stay there. i dont want to lose contact with them so i'll be keeping my accounts up. i think tumblr is like. the only social media i actually like. for me its literally just me and my friends sharing around posts in a circle while making funny comments from time to time. i met some of my best friends there too! anyways i love it here. thats all i wanted to say.

anyways i finished up most of my homework for the weekend. after all the stress from this week, im kind of lost on what to do lol! maybe i'll goof around in rpg maker or watch some gensoumaden saiyuki or persona trinity soul...maybe all three? oh btw, my creative writing teacher wants us to write about cannablism. i wasnt worried about the moral stuff since this was just a silly recipe story (though i was surprised when she first brought it up O_o), but it's just that the only thing i know how to cook is pasta. so uhh, does anyone know any lamb recipes? ( ̄  ̄|||)

10-8-2022: aftermath

hiiiiiii im back. from the con. i am very very tired. anyways it was pretty okay. it wasnt as fun as last year i suppose :[ . dunno why. maybe because i DIDNT GET TO GO TO THE SMASH TOURNAMENT D:!!!!!yeah so the registration thing was so confusing like there wasnt even an option to sign up -_-. i got so excited too...but! i did get something special....

a miku plush!!! she's so cute!! her eyes are so kind!!!! i hope she loves her new home!!!!!! she will be my chief blog editor from now on!

also at the con, i saw two other people cosplaying ness! i would've asked for a photo with them, but they were both so far away. i also found a section with a bunch of anime bluerays and dvds. they had the entirety of saiyuki!!! and i mean just one series. i cant remember which one, but i believe it might've been one of the earlier ones like gensoumaden. there was a whole bunch of dvds, like the width of a whole bedroom! but there was a lot of content in there too, so i didn't want to stay there very long. (; ̄Д ̄) i really wanted the saiyuki collection since i just started watching but i dont have a blueray player nor do i have 60 bucks. sorry to the guy at the stand who saw me almost scream out of surprise and joy once i layed eyes on it.

anyways im home now, and im so cozy. too bad the weekend is so short. i love my home. its so cozy!!! oh yeah, do you mind if i talk about some rhythm heaven headcanons real quick?

i had this little idea about jj rocker and dj yellow a while back. i made a drawing (which you can find here) that depicts yellow and jj as highschoolers together. i've been thinking about the idea a lot, and decided to have the reporter from ringside be there too! since she looks so much like one of the cheerreaders (this same cheerreader even becomes a reporter later in life!), i thought it'd be cool if she herself was a cheerreader back in her school days. maybe she even met jj and yellow and was a close friend! i think she was a transfer student, as i headcanon she wasnt originally from rhythm heaven and moved there with her family. about yellow and jj, they were best friends back then. like, almost inseperable. jj used to be really closed off back then until he met yellow (sound familiar?). anyways, they were best friends for a good while. however one day, they got into a pretty heated argument, causing them to refuse to speak with each other. a few days later, jj has ran away from home and no one knows where he went. reporter (who i like to call rennie) and yellow are both really upset about this. they actually dont see him for years until one day, a familiar face appears on a stage...

pretty cool, right? i really like thinking about what might possibly be a character's past!, anyways im really tired. i wanna go to sleep, but i got a lot of work tomorrow, so i have to make the most of now...cya!

10-8-2022: COMIC CON

HEY NERDS!!!!! im so excited for today because today, in just a few hours, im going to comic con!!! im gonna be cosplaying as ness from earthbound!

i uh. dont really know much about the events though so uh, im probably just gonna look at the artists' stands. BUT!! im gonna sign up for the smash ultimate tournament!! im so excited! im very confident in my skill. i main lucas, btw. i've been practicing all week in online battles! what i would say if my internet didnt suddenly get all shitty and if i didnt get a whole bunch of homework -_-. reading my government textbook feels like im talking to someone who just uses big words to sound smart, which is weird because i've never had problems reading textbooks! oh well, i still have these few hours to practice for the tournament! anyways, i even have a franklin badge i made a few weeks prior! i had to make the hat myself too, since my costume was last minute (like always). i cant wait!!!! :D

10-3-2022: nostalgia

currently listening to: Heartbound OST: Overture

man, i used to LOVE heartbound. i was super into in a few years back and have been waiting for its release ever since! though, because of all that waiting, my interest has faded out. though i understand, video games take time, especially if its a team made up of three people (not sure if that number has changed over time)! wait, im getting a head of myself. what is heartbound? heartbound is an indie game currently being developed by pirate software. i've been following it for like, 5 years now? it follows the story of a boy named lore as he sets off to find his missing dog, baron. i've only played the demo so far, but the first time i played it was love at first sight! the atmosphere was great, i loved lore and barons friendship, and im am SO invested in what might happen. the gameplay is also very fun. minor spoilers but it's not really spoilers: the barghest fight was very challenging the first time i played it, but in a good way! you get to play minigames in the fights!!! i was super obsessed with it, i even made a whole video on it back then, its still online but uhhhh. its not worth it. besides, you should just go play the game itself!

i remember the community back then. it was when i still used *gags* amino...i remember everyone was so friendly there though! it was nice :] i wonder how my friends from there are doing now. i want to get back into it, but im not sure if i'll be able to...but! i wont let that stop me!! its a good game!!! and i really cant wait to play the full game!!!! :D

getting off topic here, but i wanted to take advantage of the fact that i dont believe that anyone that follows me on social media (with the exception of my friends perhaps? hi besties!!) actually reads these blog entries. so i just wanted to say i've been working on a rhythm heaven fan game in my spare time. its being made in rpg maker 2003. currently very little is to be shown for now, but its super fun to work on it! its going to be called rhythm heaven RPG, or rhythm RPG if you feel like it. haha very original i know, but i think its a nice name. straight to the point! i had no clever titles, so a simple one would do. anyways thats all about that. by the way, if you are someone who is a fan of rhythm heaven, please dont go around sharing this information yet. i've got nothing to show and any unnecessary pressure would make this fun little project into a chore. so please, lets keep this a secret for now, okay? ;]

anyways, i also remembered about these songs i loved around the same time i found out about heartbound. they're "your adventure log has been deleted" and "death should not have taken thee!" by jesus-p! these were some of the first vocaloid songs i listened to. so, you could imagine my surprise when i found out about the light novels!

popular vocaloid songs tend to get manga or light novel adaptions (shout out to kagepro!!) so it makes sense. but i didnt realize that THESE songs got adaptions! its so weird! but im happy!! however, the thing that breaks my heart is that...these novels were never translated. thats why, i've decided to take matters into my own hands! im gonna learn japanese to translate all of the stuff nobody did, so me and others can enjoy these things! its gonna be very hard though. but! i've been playing tomodachi collection and its helped me memorize hiragana! now if only i knew what the words mean...

9-25-2022: good day

hi!! i was going to right this yesterday, but i got so wrapped up in changing the theme lmao. i think it looks really nice now! anyways all i wanted to say that yesterday was a pretty good day. it was nice and sunny, despite being freezing cold. i slept a good amount and i felt so refreshed! i had a good breakfast too. i also looked at some anime my mom said she watched when she was younger. i saw one called "marco", it was pretty sad! she said that every time they aired an episode, they would always replay the scene in which marco (the protagonist) chases after his mom after she gets on a boat to argentina. that scene was so sad, i cried! anyways im eating pizza right now, just so you know how awesome im living B].

actually nvm. at the time of writing this i just broke my new necklace. again. anyways im signing off for today, see ya!

9-16-2022: man i love rpg maker

i am very tired. ive decided to talk about rpg maker instead of sleeping. yes i am trying to get you to use rpg maker no i am not sponsered go download it NOW. rpg maker is so good. these programs actually rekindled my interest in making video games and i've even decided to pursue video game creation too! rpg maker gives beginners an easy entry to making video games. when i first started, it was kind of overwhelming, since i've never used anything like it before. but, thanks to the community online, i managed to figure it out! for some reason, using rpg maker is super fun, too. well, at least for me! i got rpg maker fes on my 3ds, and over the summer i ended up staying up super late messing around in fes. i knew it was late, but my brain was like "just one more event, just one more event!" rpg maker is a dangerous program...anyways, personally i really enjoy rpg maker 2003. i think it's graphics are really nice (EXCEPT for the facesets. im sorry i just hate them), and the ui feels nice and cozy to me! im so grateful to rpg maker, i've actually started creating games because of it! that's something i've always wanted to do since i was a kid! i've been branching out to renpy and game maker studio. renpy is nice, not much to say, but it's still good! :D game maker studio looks very advanced so far though, i feel kind of scared to touch it lmao. but, im sure i'll get the hang of it eventually! im pretty sure im a fast learner! anyways BACK TO RPG MAKER!!!! yknow, as much as i love rpg maker, i dont think i've played any rpg maker games other than super mario death row (check it out here, its pretty good). i've been thinking of playing yume nikki, but im not a fan of horror, i cant tell if it'll be too scary for me or not. my brother really wants me to play the lisa games, so i might play those! it was super to watch him play and he made sure to keep me updated whenever he played while i wasnt around. one day, he finished the first game while i was at school. he told me everything when i came back. i didn't even see the ending, but i actually teared up just by hearing it! i wonder how he felt playing it. ah im tired im gonna conk out!!!!! i wonder if i should make a rpg maker shrine...GOOD NIGHT!!

9-12-2022: devlog(?)

hiiiiii!!!!! sorry for not posting in a while, but also im not sorry. im planning on writing in this blog every few days, but it's not supposed to be some kind of daily thing. the last thing i want is to worry about updating a blog for some reason -_-; anyways im sure you all understand, so im not worrying! anyways nothing much is going on. i've opened commissions today so i can get splatoon 3 or guilty gear strive! i'll probably post that on here soon. i liek money. also, here's a house im making in rpg maker mv. i made the walls and floors. they're obviously not done yet and i am using as many placeholders as i can, but i think it looks nice to far! :D

i've been daydreaming about this game a lot, so i tried to recreate the mc's house as accurate as i could to what i imagined in my head. its surprisingly very close! :D that's all i've got for now. cya!

9-8-2022: looks like my summer vacation is...

yep. first day of school. it was pretty boring honestly, i dont have anything to say. other than NO MATH CLASSES YIPPIIIIIIII!!!!! anyways there's nothing much going on. maybe in the next few days stuff will start to happen. im definately not used to this heat though. i thought it was gonna start to cool down now!

anyways, i've been working on a few games over the summer. nothing crazy, just a few fan games made out of boredom. i've got nothing to show for them so far. i used to be scared of using renpy, but it's actually not that hard! there's notes in the code to help you, and, like with most things, you can look up any questions you have! though this game has forced me to draw front facing characters, which i am NOT used to! this is so weird...

oh btw, im going to change the guestbook to 123guestbook so that i can reply to comments. so there's that. i cant wait for splatoon 3 to come out, even though i dont have the money for it. the enviornment is so fun and the character creation looks so good! i may suck ass at the game, but i will try to get better >:] anyways, see ya!

9-7-2022: oh yeah its gamer time

hi!!!! i got my school schedule today! i'll be taking a psychology class, as well as a creative writing class. i cant wait for creative writing, it's probably gonna be so fun! as for psychology, i dont know what to expect. i've never had a class that focused on mental stuff. anyways, not to brag or anything, but i bet i'll blow away my class with my writing skills because im so awesome and cool lmao. jk but i really hope it's fun. i got to meet up with my friends today too! unfortunately, we dont have any classes together :[ . we did go out to get crepes though! i got one with berries, and it was the first time i ever ate raspberries! though they were too sour, so idk if i'll try them again :/ .it was fun though!

i've got a few stuff i wanna show off! first up: this practice sword i got at a flea market. i think it's a katana though? pretty sure. anyways, it's only a practice one, so i cant do any cool battles with it (or can i?) here's the katana with a Sonic The Hedgehog 30th Anniversery Deluxe Edition comic for scale.

also, i actually have a ps1! for some reason, someone threw it out, along with a bunch of ps1 games, sims 2 dlcs, and music cds! it's such a waste, the ps1 still works!

this isn't all of the stuff, as there was also a gun controller for the ps1 and a gameshark too! i used to love simple plan's I'm Just a Kid, it felt weird listening to it on cd. i only wish i had more games. i know there's a lot of them, but im not really interested in spyro the dragon, sorry. though i should make the best with what i have. maybe someday, i can find some games im really interested without having to pay hundred of dollars. oh, what i would give to play vib ribbon...

by the way! the full metal alchemist gba game wasn't included in the ps1 stuff. i got a few years prior at a con!

9-5-2022: vacation lookback + website ideas

hey guys tedrick the fourth back with another blog post. i decided to write a bit about my vacation this summer! i actually didn't get to do much unfortunately. i went to colombia and i guess this year, the weather decided to rain on everyone's parade. though, one day i actually DID get to do something fun! i went to this really long pier called El Malecon Del Rio Magdalena (The Pier on the Magdalena River). theres a lot of restaurants there, and even more people! there was a small soccer field, ping pong table (rhythm rally reference!), and i believe a skateboard rink! so many people brought their dogs too. i tried counting them. i believe i counted 101 dogs (i tried not to count any duplicates)! i also saw a large group of people dancing! apparently, they were practicing for El Carnaval de Barranquilla, which is a big event that happens in the spring. They were specifically practicing La Batalla de los Flores (Battle of Flowers), a parade in which people throw flowers! it's one of the main events on the first day of Carnaval, as Carnaval takes place over the course of four days. This is also when El Garabato is performed, which depicts the battle between life and death. life is represented by dancers in colorful outfits, while death is a tall figure dressed as a skeleton who tries to stop people from dancing (aka living). in the end, the living are victorious.

whoa i didn't expect to go on a whole ramble on colombian culture there, lmao. i wish i knew more though. it kind of makes me embarassed, being colombian yet knowing almost nothing about my own culture. its okay though! that's part of the joy of learning, getting to know more about yourself and the people around you!

by the way, i've been thinking of continuing to work on another website. i know i said i'd take a break, but i cant help it! i was planning on making a fansite for the show Chou Shounen Tanteidan NEO. it feels like nobody knows about the show, so i wanted to create a site that has as much info on the show as possible, as well as it's prequel movie. theres so much stuff that i've found (not a crazy amount). i already have the site up, though there's barely anything there. by the way, if you see anyone online who's written a bunch of paragraphs about this show on gaia online, that was me. sorry. not sorry. it's such a silly show. but for some reason i can't find anything on the cartoon network dub...i'll post about that once i get to work on tanteicuriosity, the soon to be CSTDNEO fansite! (btw let me know if there's an official abbreviation for this show). i'll also be willing to accept contributions for the site too! anyways, i think im gonna go watch anime now, or work on a video game...i still gotta hack my wii -_-

9-4-2022: finally, it's here!

hello everyone!!! welcome to rainy x shiny days! today marks the day i finally share it to the world! im so happy i made this. i learned a lot of stuff and i bet i'll continue to learn more!! more stuff will be added later, but i think it'd be best if i take a break for now lol. i've been working almost day and night on this site! it's just so fun i couldn't put my laptop down! ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ anyways im super proud of this. i usually can't finish big projects like this before getting distracted and losing motivation, so i feel like this marks a huge change in my life coming forward! i feel like i can make anything now!

speaking of my life, i'm going to be headed back to school soon since summer is unfortunately ending. but i dont mind! i like my friends at school, and i'll be taking a creative writing class too! honestly those are the only two things i look forward to, since my school doesn't do much lmao. i'll still be online too, so dont worry!

lets talk about this site! it was originally gonna be called "heavenly days" but i didn't want it to feel too much like a rhythm heaven fansite. so instead, i went with the title rainy x shiny days, referencing the song "Shiny Day" by Watashime Slug. fun fact! the song "WISH Can't Wait For You" that appears in the game Rhythm Tengoku on the GBA was performed by Watashime Slug? The vocalist, Soshi, even did more songs for the rhythm heaven series, and has multiple cameos in the games! anywho, i wanted to mimic the feel of one of those websites made to promote video games or shows, with all the fun buttons and stuff. i wish i could put music and custom cursors on this site...T_T some day.....

anyways, thats all for this post! i bet i'll be using this blog a LOT! see ya!